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Our Programs & Services

Uniquely You Services, LLC is a licensed provider with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) to provide the following services…







DD Group Home

Uniquely You Services, LLC provides 24-hour Residential DD Group Home Services to individuals requiring support in a residential setting to enhance their independence and quality of life. In this program, the individual's strengths and needs are assessed to determine how the person can best be supported to live as independently as possible, and with the maximum quality of life within a home-like setting living with others and becoming more active within their community. They are supported with medication management, cooking, medical appointments, personal hygiene & oral care, laundry, etc.




Community Engagement (1:3 ratio)

Community Engagement service means a service that supports and fosters an individual's abilities to acquire, retain or improve skills necessary to build positive social behavior, interpersonal competence, greater independence, employability, and personal choices necessary to access typical activities and functions of community life such as those chosen by the general population. The community engagement service may include community education or training and volunteer activities.


Community Engagement service shall provide a wide variety of opportunities to facilitate and build relationships and natural support in the community while utilizing the community as a learning environment. These activities are conducted at naturally occurring times and in a variety of natural settings in which the individual may actively interact with people without disabilities, other than those who are being paid to support the individual. The activities shall enhance the individual's involvement with the community and facilitate the development of relationships and natural supports.


Community Engagement service shall be covered in the FIS, CL, and BI waivers.

Criteria and allowable activities.


Community Engagement service shall be provided in the least restrictive and most integrated community settings possible according to the individual's plan for support and individual choice.


Community Coaching (1:1 ratio)

Community Coaching is a service designed for individuals who need one-to-one support in a variety of community settings to build a specific skill or set of skills to address barriers that prevent individuals from participating in activities of Community Engagement. In addition to skill building, this service includes routine and safety support. Community Coaching service shall be covered in the FIS, CL, and BI waivers.


Community Coaching service shall be provided to individuals who require one-to-one support to address identified barriers in their plans for support that prevent them from participating in the community engagement service. Community Coaching activities shall be documented in the support plan and be sensitive to the individual's age, abilities, and personal preferences.

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