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Portrait with Hands Clasped

Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase their independence in a unique and person-centered manner that allows them to achieve in every aspect of their life. We aim to advocate for everyone ensuring they are knowable of their Human Rights and Home Community-Based Services Rights by promoting independence and freedom of choice to accomplish their individual goals for life.  


Philosophy & Purpose

Uniquely You Services, LLC is founded on the belief that every individual with a developmental disability is a valued member of their community receiving the appropriate and necessary support and services. Uniquely You Services, LLC shall provide unique person-centered support and act as an advocate for those with developmental disabilities.


At Uniquely You Services, LLC qualified support staff will work with and support everyone in meeting their needs and achieving each goal in a unique, person-centered and professional manner.  Uniquely You Services, LLC is an ethical agency that systematically abides by Human Rights and the Home and Community-Based Rights regulations along with all other ethical and confidential guidelines. When unethical situations occur our highly trained and professional staff will report their actions to the appropriate community agency.


Uniquely You Services, LLC is a caring organization that seeks to expand the opportunities and possibilities to those who have developmental disabilities in the most unique person-centered way that will increase community inclusiveness and independence.

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